Core values

Commitment to sustainable development

  • Committed to sustainable development, for prosperity of current and future generations.
  • Devoted to understand  and listen to communities, governments and partners we work with.

Transparency and accountability

  • Strives for excellence, transparency and accountability in all our projects and to all its stakeholders.
  • Endeavours  towards good corporate governance with a high level of accountability to authorities, partners and beneficiaries.
  • Discharges interventions with professionalism, integrity, honesty, and patriotism.

Citizen participation and empowerment

  • Encourages meaningful participation, cooperation and involvement of local communities in our work.  
  • Empowers individuals, groups, organisations and networks  we work with to take charge of their development.
  • Promotes gender equity and equality.
  • Advances  the involvement of marginalised groups, people with disabilities and youth in our programmes and partnership arrangements.
  • Supports innovations, new ideas and social enterprises aimed at meeting new opportunities.